Trybe Terms of Service

Thank you for joining Trybe. We hope it will be a wonderful, educational experience for you.


If you are planning on adding content to our site please read this page first:

There are a couple of other rules you must follow or you risk having your account on Trybe suspended and your tokens removed or reduced:

1) You must not ask other people to rate your content. Please do not send messages on our messaging system, join any groups on Discord or Telegram or anywhere else, that request for people to rate your content.

You MAY post your content on other social media sites or messaging platforms, but any requests for rating will not be tolerated.

2) You may not downvote other people’s content for personal reasons.  If you don’t like someone, for whatever reason, then just ignore them. Downvoting content out of spite or revenge will not be tolerated.

3) You may only have one account on Trybe.

4) People who are discovered to be creating multiple accounts in order to increase their referral bonus will be suspended. This includes creating multiple accounts yourself, using software to do so, or paying for other people to do so who are not genuine users of our platform.

5) Please be respectful at all times of others. If you leave comments they must be made in a respectful way. Anyone using rude or offensive language will be suspended.

6) Welcome to the Trybe and enjoy this great community that we’re building here 🙂