Would You Like to Create Your Own Tokenized Community? 

A tokenized community is a social network with incentivized cryptocurrency rewards to encourage your audience to do whatever you want them to! 



Why build a Tokenized Community?

By owning your own tokenized community, you can incentivize content creation around any niche you choose, create virality, and build yourself an engaged community who get back as much as they give. 

And the best bit? You own the community.

You can use it in any way you want: to keep your existing audience engaged, as a marketing channel, or just a great source of content on topics you love! 

You Control the Content and Branding

The content which appears on your own version of Trybe can be controlled by you. 

Want to create a community around marketing? Startups? Psychology? Gardening? Gaming? Outdoor adventure? Books or movies?

It’s totally up to you.  

Allow Your Content Creators to Earn Crypto Rewards (and you too!)

When people post to your site and the content appears on Trybe.one, they will immediately start earning TRYBE tokens (our very own cryptocurrency) when other people rate their content.

Not only that, but you (as the site owner) will also earn a 10% commission on any tokens that they receive!

Have Your Own Private Social Network – but stay Part of Ours!

Having your own Trybe is like having your own private social network. People can friend each other, message each other, and comment on each other’s articles. 

Even better, though, is the fact that tens of thousands of Trybe users will automatically be members of your site.

Future Monetization (Coming Soon)

In the future we will be monetizing Trybe in numerous different ways – from advertising to allowing authors to create paid content and channels. 

As a Sub-Trybe owner, you will be able to monetize your own site in the same ways. 

Your Own Token and Reward System (Coming Soon)

Soon we will allow all sites to issue their own token or reward point. 

This can be used to incentivize your users in a number of different ways – from inviting friends to creating content. 

Your token, once created, can be listed on our internal exchange and swapped for other cryptocurrency tokens, or exchanged for rewards. 

Some Sites Using Trybe:


Mentor Market was one of the first Trybe sub-sites. They offer a range of trading tips from experts in a range of different markets. 


Worbli was another of our first sub-sites. Worbli is a financial services platform offering standard financial services but built on the blockchain. 

Online Geniuses

Online Geniuses started life as a Slack community and quickly grew to tens of thousands of members. Migrating to Trybe was a no-brainer for this band of internet marketers. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Building a customized Trybe subsite requires a fair amount of development work depending on your needs.

If you have your own dev team then the cost could be as low as a few thousand dollars, but if you need us to do it for you then the cost can be anywhere between US$5,000-$10,000 to set up and customize.

The ongoing cost of maintaining your subsite will need to be negotiated with each subsite owner, and will be based on a number of factors such as the size of their community and the value they will bring to the Trybe network overall. 

If you already have a community of over 10,000 users that you would like to build a Sub-Trybe for, then contact us to discuss your options and we can possibly work together on something. 

At this stage we don’t have a fixed date for future developments. However, we are hoping to have a number of new features released by the end of 2019 and by Q2 of 2020 to have a lot of features mentioned above. 

The frontend of your site can be almost entirely customized. You can create whatever look you like, use your own domain name, and add as many pages to your site as you wish. However, please remember that there may be extra expense involved depending on what you want to achieve. 

If you wish to add other functionality to the site – such as a shopping cart, booking system, or any other e-commerce modules, this is all possible but will require your own development team. 

The frontend of our site is built with Reactjs. The backend is a mixture of Nodejs and PHP, utilizing a headless version of WordPress as our content management system (via Restful API). 

We don’t know why you’d ever want to leave us, but if you wish to migrate off Trybe in the future then we will make available to you a download of all your users (all users who signed up directly on your site) as well as a database file of all their content.

There may be a cost involved in this depending on the size of your userbase, but it will not exceed US$1000. 

Please send an email to [email protected] for more information or to discuss your requirements. 

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