Trybe Road Map

The initial website will include blogging, social features, and a member directory. With the built in currency (TRYBE) content creators will be rewarded for their contribution to the platform.

In October 2018 we will be doing a limited airdrop of our newly created TRYBE token as well as starting a 2 year ICO to fund the development of the rest of the TRYBE features. More about this can be found HERE.

The value of this token will be derived from advertising on the platform (ads will need to be paid for in TRYBE).

In the initial version of the platform, crowdsourced curation through article ratings will provide the best possible experience to the user.

Users will also be able to curate their own content – choosing categories that they are interested in learning more about.

A detailed description of STAGE 1 can be found in our white paper below.

This stage will see the release of an entirely custom built software platform for Trybe.

Apart from being faster and cleaner, it will enable users to create their own customisable mini-sites. Instead of having a subdirectory like most social networks (eg. our platform will use subdomains. So a user will be able to create the subdomain

On this subdomain will appear a very basic website that can be customised to a degree – but the most important aspect is that it will contain a blog that displays their posts from the main site (they should be able to choose which ones – as each user may have multiple subdomains).

While this site can be customised by the user to appear as a standalone website, if accessed from (eg. by clicking on the author profile link) then the URL will always be AND some kind of very obvious link back to the main site will always be visible (maybe a top bar). However, if accessed directly through the mapped domain (eg. then the site will appear as a completely stand-alone website with no link back to except maybe through a small footer link.

In this way – solopreneurs or freelancers can create their own websites easily on our platform and their blog content will be displayed both on their own website AND on the main website automatically. This alleviates the problem of having to create a separate website and then reposting content. Many freelancers or solopreneurs require only a very basic website – so this should suit them perfectly.

If mini-site owners wish to allow others to post content on their sites, and if they are willing to accept advertising on their sites, then the same reward features that exist on the main site could exist on their own sites. In this way, each mini-site would become like a publication of Trybe. Eg. a horse enthusiast could create a site dedicated to horse riding, and allow people to post horse related content on their site. Any advertising revenue that was then generated by ads placed on that site (or displayed on those posts on the main site) could then be used to reward content creators in TRYBE tokens.

The next stage here would be to allow third party developers and designers to create plugins or themes, similar to WordPress, that people can use to extend the capabilities of their mini-sites. We ourselves could even create extensions and themes – such as a shopping cart, or a booking system, etc.

This would expand the range of use-cases for the mini-sites on our network, making them ever more useful for a wider market.

While initially the TRYBE token is initially used to reward content creators on the website, and to pay for advertising on that site, its use could potentially be extended to cover the needs of our users. For example, if they wish to pay each other for products or services. Alternatively, a stable coin could be created on the network that is pegged to global currency index (the average of a number of major currencies) for this purpose. This would essentially allow a fee-less, cross border payment network within all the sites on our platform.

Once users have created and customised their “mini-sites” to the point where they are now fully-fledged websites, rivalling features such as those offered by Wix or WordPress, we can offer them the ability to create their own custom tokens, which they can use for rewards and gamification of their own services. Any actions on their sites could be gamified with these tokens – eg. daily site visits, purchasing products or services, sharing content, inviting friends, etc. In this way – even small businesses can set up their own reward tokens that can be redeemed either on their own site, or potentially within a global exchange against the TRYBE coin itself.

Although initially our token will be based on the EOS blockchain, might there come a point where we want to create our own chain? Or alternatively, create a side-chain of EOS? This may be useful in stage 6 where we allow the issuing of custom tokens with a few clicks of a mouse.


This whitepaper covers STAGE 1 of the TRYBE platform. website – A knowledge sharing economy for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community

Trybe is a tokenized educational and content sharing network for the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, providing an aggregated pool of knowledge, advice, information and training, as well as a great way to connect with others in the industry. All participants on the platform are rewarded for their contribution via a native token (TRYBE)



At present, one of the main issues facing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is lack of knowledge and education.

Experts on the subject don’t share their knowledge with the community as much as they otherwise might because there is no financial incentive to do so. And when they do, there is no good curation mechanism on most social network sites apart from “popularity” which often means low quality content rises to the top simply because it’s sensationalist or otherwise provocative.

Specifically in the crypto and blockchain communities, this lack of reliable information is dangerous to the industry as a whole (giving it a bad reputation) and also financially risky for those involved (particularly newcomers) who might fall victim to scams.


Trybe aims to establish a social network for the crypto and blockchain communities which promotes high quality educational content.

This is achieved through the rating mechanism which rewards well-written and well-researched content with a higher number of tokens.

Users build up tokens through receiving ratings on their own content, and in turn this gives them more rating power when they rate other users’ content. This means that users with more “experience” have more power when deciding the quality of content on the platform

This also means that higher quality content will come to the top of the search results  because search results are based on the number of tokens each piece of content has earned.


There will be a number of user types:

  1. A) People who want to learn more about crypto or blockchain technology (traders, developers, or amateurs)
  1. B) Experts who want to create great advice/content/training/educational materials about crypto or blockchain and get rewarded for it as well as building a following and network
  1. C) Experts who want to connect with each other for professional reasons – such as entrepreneurs who want to connect with developers, or developers looking for other developers, or companies looking for ICO marketing specialists
  1. D) People who want to promote the platform and get rewarded
  1. E) Companies who wish to advertise crypto/blockchain related products or services, such as ICOs, other education providers, consultants, developers, etc.


For each user type, there will be a range of features:

  1. A) For people who want to learn more.

This will cover a wide range of users, such as amateurs who want to learn how to trade, or developers who want to learn how to code on a certain blockchain.

  • A great range of educational/training content – both articles and videos.
  • A curated feed of information based on the highest quality content available – unlike regular social networks that require you to follow individuals before seeing content, this feed will automatically choose the best content for the user, based on their interests and their experience level. Content will be prioritized based on quality – as rated by the community at large but with more weight given to the ratings of experts.
  • A messaging feature which allows users to to connect with others on the platform, including experts.
  • A subscription for people who do not want to see advertising
  • A way for them to ask questions and get answers from the community (forums)
  1. B) For experts who want to create educational/training content and get rewarded for it
  • An easy way for them to create content – both articles and videos
  • Some great tools which allow them to create nice looking content – such as video editing tools, image editing tools, and animation tools
  • Each expert will have their own forum where users can contact them and ask questions
  1. C) For experts who want to connect with each other for professional reasons
  • Each user will have a profile showing their skills, their availability, their prices (if they’re available for freelance work) and a range of other information.
  • The platform will have great search functionality which will help users find other users (such as developers)
  • When assessing someone for potential collaboration, it will be possible to see that persons’ content as well as their profile, which will give a more accurate picture of who they are and what their skills are
  1. D) For influencers or marketers who want to promote the platform
  • Trybe has a built-in affiliate system. This means that whenever a user invites other users with their affiliate code, they are rewarded with tokens.
  • Also, whenever someone shares content on the platform using the social share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) their affiliate reference code is automatically appended to the URL. This means that if anyone clicks on the link and signs up, the person who shared the content gets rewarded.
  1. E) For companies or individuals wishing to advertise on the platform:

There will need to be a very careful balance of revenue from advertising and value to the users of the platform – so only “verified” advertisers will be allowed to use the platform for advertising, and even then the amount of advertising and the kinds of advertising will need to be strictly controlled. Also, there will be the option for users to not see advertising at all, by paying a monthly subscription fee.

However, because the platform (and content creators) needs to make revenue, advertising will be allowed in a number of ways.

People who wish to promote their paid content will have the ability to boost their content to make it appear more often in people’s feeds.

ICOs or other related companies will have the ability to promote themselves on the platform.


In the beginning, a range of verified experts will be asked to produce content. Content will be rated by other users on the platform, but the ratings of experts will be more heavily weighted.

As time goes by, all users will acquire a “reputation score” which will help decide how often their content gets displayed in the public realm.

The reputation score will also affect how much weight is given to their ratings of other people’s content.

There will be a maximum reputation score and people’s reputation scores can go up or down. This maximum will help newer users compete with older users.

People with higher reputations will have their articles and reviews features more prominently on the site, meaning engagement with them will be higher and they will receive a larger share of the monthly revenue.

Abuse Prevention

There will be a number of mechanisms in place to prevent abuse:

  • Although users can rate content as many times as they like in a week, they will only be able to rate another individual once per week. This will stop people either attacking or directly and unfairly rewarding other users.
  • If users are constantly downrating or uprating content in a way that doesn’t seem natural, then their ratings will be put into a queue for moderation
  • If users are abusing the rating system then they may be charged for giving ratings

News feed and homepage content:

The news feed will show ALL posts from people you are following, but it will only show a curated selection of the highest quality posts from people you are not following.

The home page and category pages will show a range of the best articles and videos on topics that you’re interested in.

Content rating on other platforms:

A future feature of Trybe will be the ability to rate content all across the web. Just as existing social platforms allow you to share content from other sources directly into your account via a social share button, Trybe will work in a similar way. However, as well as sharing the content, users will be asked to rate the content as well. When other users share the content, their rating will also be added to the overall rating for that content.

Eventually, a browser plugin will be developed that will display the TRYBE rating of any URL that you are visiting.


As the platform grows to meet the needs of other communities, developers will be invited to create new apps on the platform that suit the requirements of these specific communities.

The platform will be built in a modular system, easily allowing for other apps to be added on.


The current version of TRYBE is built on WordPress, which is a good CMS for managing, categorizing, and organising large amounts of content.

However, the next version of TRYBE will be a much faster app and will be built using a combination of React.js, Node.js, and the EOS.IO

The token will be built on the EOS blockchain and will be integrated with the website initially via a custom built WordPress wallet that allows users to transfer their off-chain tokens (from our platform) into their EOS wallets.

After the initial beta testing phase is over, we will port the entire tokenization system of the platform onto EOS.  


The main currency of TRYBE will be TRYBE.

The initial circulation will be 1 billion TRYBE (1,000,000,000)

Each year after the end of the second year there will be a 5% inflation on TRYBE.


An airdrop of 50,000,000 TRYBE will be distributed a few months after EOS mainnet launch (around September/October 2018). This airdrop will reward all the early participants in TRYBE by giving them a 1:1 ration of TRYBE tokens for any tokens they currently hold on the TRYBE platform (eg. if they have 1000 tokens, they will be rewarded an extra 1000 tokens making their total 2000).

Founding Team

A total of 200,000,000 TRYBE will be awarded to the founding team.  

The founding team will comprise of approximately 10-15 people – executives, developers, business developers, content creators, marketers, and administrators.

A current list of the founding team can be found here:

Contributors and Early Adopters

A total of 350,000,000 TRYBE will be distributed to contributors and early adopters during the beta phase.

Details of how this will work can be found on our website here:

Liquidity Fund

50,000,000 TRYBE tokens will be locked into a smart contract (Bancor protocol) controlled liquidity fund. This will enable constant liquidity of the token for those who wish to purchase advertising on the site.

ICO fund:

A total of 350,000,000 TRYBE will be kept in a fund to be distributed at the time an ICO is launched. Money derived from the ICO will be put towards developing, marketing and scaling the infrastructure.


Contribution Incentive Pool:

After the first 2 years, an annual increment of 5% of TRYBE tokens will continue to be used to pay the operational costs of the network and reward users for their contributions.

The ongoing token distribution will be as follows:

75% will go to TRYBE for operational costs.

Out of these tokens, enough tokens will be sold by TRYBE each month to cover operational costs of the network. This includes hosting, staffing, infrastructure, and other resources required.

TRYBE will be totally transparent in its use of these funds, in a way that can be audited by a third party.

If there are any tokens left at the end of each month, these tokens will go into the RESERVE FUND (see below).

25% of the new tokens will go to contributors.

Current rewards can be found here:

This is subject to change over time.

Once the inflation rate kicks in (at the end of year 2) then rather than contributors receiving a fixed rate of tokens for each action, they will receive a percentage of the daily reward pool.

Eg. If the daily reward pool is 100,000 tokens, then this amount will be divided up amongst all contributors who earned tokens for that day, based on the weight of their contribution.


In order to pay to boost content on the site or for advertising, TRYBE tokens will be required. These can be either bought on exchanges or from the liquidity pool.

When tokens are spent on advertising, they go into the RESERVE FUND (see below).  


As mentioned above, left over funds from operational costs will go to the RESERVE FUND.

Also, when tokens are spent on advertising, they go to the RESERVE FUND.

Tokens in the RESERVE FUND can not be moved until the end of each financial year.

Depending on the economy, they can be (a) burned or (b) distributed to existing token holders.

How they are used will be determined by a vote.  

If they are distributed to existing token holders, then those token holders should get benefits for having held their tokens for a long time. Eg. someone who’s held 10 tokens for 5 years might get more than someone who’s held 100 tokens just for a week.