Trybal Ranks and Rating Power

Below you will find the full rating power of each rank, and the tokens that are required to reach that rank. 

Please note: these are subject to change and are also modified by the rules below.

Would you like to improve your rank?  By sending TRYBE tokens to your account, you can increase your rating power! 

Send tokens to this EOS account: trybeaccount 

Memo: Your Trybe username

We will add them to your onsite balance within 24 hours!


  1. Each time you rate another individual user in a 14 day period, your rating power for that particular user is diminished by 10% (Refreshes after 14 days)
  2. Each time you rate any other user in a 24 hour period your rating power is diminished by 10% (Refreshes after 24 hours).
  3. You must leave a short review (at least 40 characters) in order to rate another user. This review MUST be relevant to the article and cannot be just copy and paste or the review (and rating) will be deleted. 
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