Trybe Airdrops


Trybe Airdrops

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On the 11th of each month, we airdrop bonus tokens to your EOS account based on how many tokens you already hold. These tokens will need to be claimed from our airdrop portal after the date has passed within a 1 week period. 

Your tokens can be:

  • In your EOS account already (liquid tokens must be staked at least 20 days in advance)
  • On our website in your account balance (you must have your EOS account name entered in your profile)
  • Purchased from our pre-sale (Buy now from our presale here:

The total amount of TRYBE you receive during each airdrop will be determined by how many you already hold. If you hold 1% of all the TRYBE in circulation, then you will receive 1% of the airdropped amount!

To make this fair, we are not going to include the official Trybe accounts, founders accounts, or employee accounts in the airdrops. Only people who have purchased TRYBE on exchanges, from our pre-sale, or who have earned on our website will be eligible.

Liquid Token Staking Rules:

In order to qualify for your airdrop allocation, any LIQUID TOKENS need to be staked before the snapshot date.

Any pre-sale tokens or off-chain tokens do not need to be staked – and can still be purchased or earned up until the snapshot date and will go towards your total balance!

Here are the airdrop dates and quantities:

11th January – 11th November 2019 (one each month)

5M tokens will be distributed each month amongst all TRYBE holders proportionately.

Plus, an extra 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 50 token holders in that month.

On top of that, a further 1M tokens will be distributed to the top 10 token holders in that month!


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