Trybe Advertising and Sponsorship

Do you have a dApp or other EOS/crypto project that you would like to advertise to the Trybe community? 


Trybe Statistics:

  • Over 20,000 Monthly Active Users
  • Predominantly crypto investors (EOS investors in particular)
  • Trybe just raised over $150K in our pre-sale alone from our own community
  • About to release a new web app which will increase engagement even more!
  • Email list of 22,000 members




Banner Advertising

A banner in our sidebar (like the ones on the right) for one month. It will be rotated with a maximum of three other banners. 

Cost: US$500 per month paid in EOS or US$350 per month paid in TRYBE

Banner dimensions: 350 wide by 600 high


Newsletter Advertising

An sponsored mailout to our entire mailing list for just US$300 paid in EOS or US$200 paid in TRYBE. 


Full Package

Includes both of the above for US$700 if paid in EOS or US$500 if paid in TRYBE.


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Please fill in the your details below. 

For banner ads, please upload a copy of your banner (subject to approval).

For newsletters, please paste into the message field your required text. 

Then please send payment to: trybeaccount

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