The Trybe Pre-Sale has now Finished!

The Trybe Pre-Sale has now finished. Thank you to everyone who participated! We will be starting our main token sale in a few months, but in the meantime you can purchase our tokens on exchanges!

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What is Trybe?

Trybe is a tokenized knowledge sharing network for the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

Learn about this fascinating technology from experts, or share your own knowledge and get rewarded in tokens!

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Trybe Documentation

Trybe Tokens

Trybe tokens will work in the following ways:

  • Earn TRYBE for participation in the platform – from content creation, to rating, to inviting friends.
  • TRYBE can be used for advertising on the platform and boosting your content for more exposure
  • TRYBe can be used for access to our dapps - such as our portfolio or games (coming soon)
  • TRYBE can be staked to earn rewards from airdrops and inflation

Road Map

Our team

Token Distribution

Trybe will soon be releasing ONE BILLION TRYBE tokens as follows:

How will these funds be spent?

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