Road Map

Trybe Roadmap 2019 – 2020

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February 2019 – Portfolio Tracker

In February we will be adding to our portfolio a tracker – which will allow you not just to check your current balances but to keep track of all of your EOS tokens and their values over time. 

March 2019 – New web app

This will be a faster, cleaner, and more user friendly version of our current website. 

The main improvement apart from the UI/UX and the page loading speed will be the addition of new social networking features that allow for real-time notifications and updates to your feeds.

Check out the prototypes here: 


Mobile responsive:

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April 2019 – New wallet functionality

During April next year we will be releasing more functionality for our wallet – including sending and receiving tokens, managing resources, and also leasing of tokens on both REX and Chintai.  

July 2019 – DEX integration in wallet

In order to make our wallet even more useful we will be integrating with a DEX that will allow you to trade tokens directly on our app. 

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August 2019 – Trybe mobile apps

The Trybe mobile apps will be for both iOS and Android and will contain all the same functionality as our web app, including publishing platform as well as an EOS wallet and portfolio management tools. 


January 2020 – Trybe Job Board

Early in 2020 we will be integrating a job board into our platform so that people can find work in the blockchain and crypto industries. 

This will be for developers, content creators, entrepreneurs, or anyone else seeking either jobs or employees. 

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April 2020 – Trybe Music

Trybe Music will allow musicians to post their songs to our platform and get rewarded for them in the same way that writers currently do with articles. 

The best songs will automatically come to the top of feeds and people’s individual feeds will be populated with music that they will like. 

July 2020 – Trybe Sub-Sites

Would you like to have your own website based on Trybe? By 2020 we will have the ability to host sub-sites on our platform that will work in a similar way to, except which can be tailored for your own niche. 

You can run a blogging platform similar to, or even a fully fledged online shop that incorporates payments made with crypto! 

Subsite settings

December 2020 – Trybe Marketplace

Trybe marketplace will allow users to add their items for sale in the main marketplace as well as selling them on their Trybe subsite. This will allow easy management of products and stock as there will be complete integration between their own website (built with a Trybe subsite) and the main Trybe marketplace. Crypto will be the main form of currency on both platforms – although fiat payments will also be possible.