Trybe offers a number of different rewards for our members:

Please note: these rewards are currently only for early adopters and are due to change once the site is no longer in beta mode. Start earning bonus tokens now!

Rewards in tokens:

Tokens are rewarded to our participants in a number of different ways:

  • 100 tokens for signing up to our site
  • 10 tokens per day for visiting the site
  • 50 tokens for each person you refer to our site.
  • To refer people, click “invite friends” in the left menu bar after logging in, or just share any content from our site and your referral ID will be automatically added to the URL.
  • X number of tokens for receiving ratings on your content (see more below)

Tokens for receiving ratings:

  • For a rating of 1 or 2 stars – you LOSE tokens
  • For a rating of 3 stars – no tokens are lost or rewarded
  • For a rating of 4 or 5 stars – you are REWARDED tokens

The number of tokens rewarded or lost depends on a number of factors, but in particular takes into account the number of tokens held by the person who gives the rating (the more they hold, the larger their impact will be).

NOTE: Losing tokens for low ratings is a system aimed to discourage people from posting low quality content on our site.

How much are tokens worth? What can I use them for?

At present, tokens have no value. However, later this year (2018) we will be launching our token on the EOS blockchain and you will be able to transfer your tokens to your EOS wallet.

The value of the tokens will then be dependent on market factors.

In the future, tokens will be able to be used to pay for advertising or content promotion on our site. This will give the tokens real value, and as such increase their price on the market.