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Next Airdrop: 11th December

On the 11th December we will be airdropping 10 million TRYBE tokens.
They will be dropped based on the amount of TRYBE in your EOS account! The more TRYBE you have, the more you’ll receive!


Register an account with us and start earning tokens, or visit one of these exchanges to buy now:

Trybe Documentation:

How Trybe Works…


Content Creation, Curation, and Collaboration

Trybe is creating a new standard for worldwide journalism – allowing people who are passionate and knowledgeable about their field to create high quality articles and get instantly rewarded!

A peer review system makes sure any articles are verified by at least one other expert before they’re published – and then the community has the chance to comment, review, and collaborate too.

The best content earns the most TRYBE tokens as well as being displayed more prominently on the site.

Content Search

Trybe is divided up into hundreds of categories or topics.

For each topic you will find a collection of the best articles – rated by our editors and the community.

Learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship directly from the people who know their topics the best.

Social Network

Social Network:

Trybe has a built in social network – with the ability to follow, friend, message, or chat with other members.

Do you like someone’s work? Do you want to collaborate with them? Or maybe you’re looking for a new co-founder or employee?

Trybe has a diversified supportive community of dedicated users making it a great place to get to know people who share similar interests to your own!

Foreign support and a multilingual user base allows unlimited connections – empowering social networking to happen wherever the information is.

Website Creation Tools and a CMS:

Do you want to build your own website on Trybe?

Building your website on Trybe is super easy and all your articles automatically appear on your new site as well as on the main website.

No need to spend money on SEO or social media to get your content discovered – Trybe will give you all the exposure that you need.

Content Sharing and Syndication

Want more content for your new Trybe-based website?

Simply re-post any article you find on Trybe marked for sharing and it’ll appear on your own website as well. No need to pay for content or reach out to other authors to ask if you can re-publish their work.

Want to get your own articles out to more people? Let other people share your content on their websites!

This is content syndication at its easiest.


Trybe tokens will work in the following ways:

  • Earn TRYBE for participation in the platform – from content creation, to rating, to inviting friends.
  • TRYBE can be used for advertising on the platform and boosting your content for more exposure
  • TRYBE can be used to get more reviews for your posts from our editors – this is great for ICOs, dApps, or anyone else who wants more high quality reviews for their product.
  • TRYBE can be used to build your own website on our platform – and holding TRYBE will give you access to a certain amount of bandwidth and storage space just like regular hosting (but without the ongoing fees)
  • TRYBE can be used for staking – you can rent your TRYBE out to other people who want to build their websites on our platform.


First Airdrop
Completed 100% Content Sharing Platform
Working Prototype 95% Token Sale (Starting December 2018)
0% Subsites, CMS, and Syndication (July 2019)
Advertising on Trybe (December 2019)

Welcome to the Trybe Team:

We are a decentralized team composed of core members located in numerous different countries. 


Tom Norwood

Tom Norwood has over 15 years experience in entrepreneurship, running his own digital marketing agencies, online schools, and web development teams. He is also a science fiction writer and in Trybe has combined his passion for technology with his passion for writing.


Nathan Rempel

Nathan is an experienced developer, having started coding from a very young age. He is well-known in the EOS community as the lead developer of the, as well as being one of the founding members of Genereos – a Block Producer candidate.


Adam Clark

Adam is a network security engineer who first found out about Bitcoin when one of his clients was held to ransom for 50 Bitcoin! He has been fascinated with cryptocurrencies ever since.


Vinay Paudel

Vinay has over 12 years experience in website development, and has developed hundreds of websites for many different clients all over the world.

IMAGE 2018-09-14 15:33:14

Eric East

Eric is a frontend developer with 8 years experience who specializes in WordPress, PHP and Javascript. Loves EOS and Blockchain Technology.


Luke Phoenix

Luke Phoenix is a content creator and white paper analyst with over 5 years experience in the field of cryptocurrencies.


Matt Haynes

Matt is an EOS enthusiast and blogger who enjoys breaking down complex projects in a fun and digestible manner. He is our chief PR guy and also runs and contributes to our Youtube channel. 

IMAGE 2018-09-15 12:53:17

Mike Cowper

Mike leads our newsroom here at Trybe, keeping all our editors in check. He believes the power of a decentralized movement can change the world. One token at a time. When he’s not working on Trybe he can be found scaling high cliffs!


Jeff Jackson

Jeff has a 30-year background in business and is CEO of a successful Canadian telecom company he started in 1989. He brings sales, marketing, and management skills to anything he applies himself to. Jeff eats, sleeps, and breathes all things crypto and is a huge fan of EOS and its related projects.

IMAGE 2018-09-14 17:00:34

Pierre Grosjean

Pierre is a content creator who believes blockchain technologies will change the world and is always excited about the latest hardware improvements, new technologies and progress in general.


IMAGE 2018-09-15 13:24:24

Donato Lagala

Donato has been into the the crypto world since the end of 2013 when the first USB asic came around and he started mining BTC. Originally from Italy but living in the UK for the last few years. On Trybe he helps create and moderate content, as well as managing the Telegram channel.


Token Distribution:

Trybe will soon be releasing ONE BILLION TRYBE tokens as follows:

  • 5% Airdrop
  • 20% Founding team
  • 20% Early rewards to contributors
  • 10% Pre-sale
  • 40% Main token sale
  • 5% Liquidity fund

How will these funds be spent?

  • 5% Management
  • 12% Infrastructure
  • 20% Operations
  • 13% Marketing
  • 50% Development