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  • First impressions from a Steemit user

    Hi All,
    I just arrived here and wanted to let you know some initial gut feeling-like thoughts about the experience here compared to another blockchain-based social platform, Steemit (which runs on the Steem blockchain). So please excuse in advance for…

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    • Hi! Welcome to Trybe. Yes, there will be changes, upgrades, more topics and more curators, editors/reviews.

    • I see the same points as you, however I’m kinda dead on Steemit, even though I still post there,,,, just can’t seem to get anywhere because of the whale problem voting all the tokens on as you say “scam flower” etc. etc. etc.
      So far I really like the Review before Posting,,,, It improve the quality of posts.

    • Yes, VERY early days here and, given EOS users who register for the AirGrab will receive TRYBE tokens on September 11th, it is not a surprise that a large majority of new signups are also fans and HODL’ers of EOS at the moment. I totally agree with you that in short order there will need to be some diversification and by then the article review process may be handled differently or be more automated, but for now it does help produce quality contributions to have curators manage the new content. Welcome and I hope to read more articles from your perspective!

    • It also gives me that impression that they give more value to what they talk about EOS, than to what the growing community can offer, another type of content.

    • Hi! Welcome

      Keep in mind that this version (very early beta) is not how the platform is going to function in the future. It will not be TOM who is going to review articles before they are posted. This is done now in the early days to incentivise bloggers and content creators to earn a lot of tokens and reputation on the platform – beause the reputation score is going to affect how much weight is given to their rating. Also a high rep score will help decide how often their content gets displayed in the public realm.

      I’m not completely sure, but I think this is going to be automated on a later stage.

      When it comes to the slowness of the site, I agree – and I think the team is aware. But they have their hands full with the upcoming airdrop 11 sept.

      Read the whitepaper for more info. This platform is going to change A LOT from what it is right now. It is quite different from Steemit, and it looks like the team has managed to address some of the issues we had with Steemit and improved them. At least in theory. We will see what happens in practice. But I have to say I am excited!

    • Very good, honest post. I’m coming from Steemit too. I agree with the pros and cons you outline, but given TRYBE is still in beta, I feel it’ll get much better as time goes on. The vision for TRYBE is much better than Steemit in my opinion. Guess we’ll see…

    • Excellent point Manfred! I was waiting to see if someone would ask this question because I like Steemit to try out the stories and novels I write but it’s also entertaining and informative on so many topics with truly great posts on everything from travel to food to news to howto on nearly any. There are great and serious artists in every discipline! Since Dan the Man( Larimer here) Is EOS, I thought he was making a new Steemit with EOS!

    • I agree with your post, my opinion is same.

    • Nice post! I agree with your point. I am new on Trybe and I didn’t explore it much. It would be also nice for to have contents in different languages rather than only in english.

      • Maybe you can be the first one in a new language. If you bring several friends, you can start creating a new community, and hopefully others will join!
        Like in Steemit, we have now huge German, Spanish, Turkish,… communities with their own curation programs etc.
        Especially here on Trybe all is new, so be a pioneer!!

    • A few responses, but no mention of a FAQ page other than what is in the whitepaper. I have no clue as to what is really allowed to be posted outside of crypto-centric post. I am guess that “social” type post like travel logs, and stuff are not really wanted at this point. If becoming a social site is one of the ultimate goals of Trybe then opening the beta version to social posting should be done. I can see very little reason for myself to visit Trybe on a daily basis other than to long in once a day and collect the log in reward. Reading about crypto news is not high on my entertainment list at this point.

      I think Trybe needs to create a FAQ page and link it under the Community drop down menu.

    • My verdict at this point – geek central, hard to use, runs like a pig, bored my pants off, heaps of stuff needs changing…

      This is a nerdfest and eos worship site

      i know it’s new but steemit was never that slow

      and rules on what subjects you can post about, what images you can use, and who you can vote for – or get banned – my immediate reaction is fuck that…

      will i use it? – very unlikely

      will i get banned for saying this – waiting to see – I say stuff like this on Steemit every day

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