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  • Average Directional Index ADX Indicator.

    My past articles has been centered on indicators. I know for sure that you might be saying to yourself: why the hell I have to know about every single indicator in the realm of technical analysis? Well the truth…

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    • Excellent post educational, Kingklauz :), thank you very much for sharing it!

    • Not one I use but interesting in any case @kingklauz.

    • “the more you understand pure price action, the less indicators you will use on your chart.” – so true
      I eyeball the charts. I draw trendlines to help visualise the accuracy of trends and I use fibs to help spot the patterns. Apart from that whatever I put on a chart is usually only so that I can help explain to others what I visualise.

  • Stochastic Indicator

    Nothing compares to having a lot of options at your disposal in any scenario you find yourself. Trading in most cases is a game of how much you know. Not just limited to how much you know but how…

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    • Excellent post, Kingklauz :), I liked the phrase:
      Not just limited to how much you know but how well you know what you know.

      Knowing well what you learn is the key to doing things well, trading requires constant attention of the movement of candles depending on the type of trading you do 🙂

    • Another gem. Thanks Kingklauz.

    • I prefer to use Stochs with fiat based trading pairs (e.g. BTC/USD) – the formula is more suited to the relatively stable fiat market – the fiat itself does not have major daily variations which would throw out the accuracy of closing and opening prices.

      For crypto based trading pairs I prefer to use RSI because it can batter take the relative movement of two volatile assets into account, it depends on averages as opposed to spot prices – which is far better for that purpose.

      I NEVER use a StochRSI – both Stoch and RSI are already derivative indicators. Using a derivative of a derivative makes for nice smooth charts, but it loses touch with reality and the underlying asset.

  • Relative Strength Index

    The relative strength index falls under canopy of oscillators, unlike trend indicators which shows the impending trend in a market, oscillators shows momentum in the market.

    RSI has been in existence since 70s, basically RSI is one of the oldest…

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  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence(MACD)

    MACD is yet another amazing indicator you might want to consider adding to your arsenal of indicators. MACD is a hybrid form of moving averages, owing to the fact that it inculcate 2 exponential moving averages which shows momentum…

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    • Excellent post educational, Kingklauz :), MACD is another indicator widely used to look for entrances and exits in the market, knowing how to use it correctly increases your chances of success, you have explained it very well, thank you very much for sharing it!

    • There seem to be thousands of indicators out there, i think i have lost count of the ones in my arsenal….lol. Thanks for the update,

  • Mastering the Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

    Welcome to yet another addition to the series “technical indicators” in my previous articles, the underlying principle behind the simple moving average (SMA). Just in case you missed that article, click here to fill in the missing space.
    Today, I…

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    • The best way to deal with spike is to use tbe exponential moving average, quite similar technique to SMA. Incredible Analysis king!!

    • Excellent post, Kingklauz :), the ema are very useful to identify changes in trend, although you can do reading the price action, always comes good a confirmation by the indicator, I use the 21 and 55 😉

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