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  • Dapp’s are migrating to EOS!

    At the first stage, when the EOS whitepaper was published in 2017 with the open-source software release on June 1, 2018 and till the day of millions EOS circulation — we can say that months of the first EOS…

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  • EOS is New Silicon Valley

    In a time of tumultuous tech development, rapid humanity progress and new order establishment, we meet more untypical and advanced thoughts.
    Recently, Andrew Chen put an article and a podcast about Silicon Valley network effect. Who had no chance to…

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    • Great post my friend, imho, we will see EOS fly soon, you can see how well it is holding up in the current market. Thanks for sharing.
      Mark (Zeus69)

      • I completely agree! Great post Dapplica. I think you are right on a number of things – some good, some bad…. tribalism in crypto has imho gone a little too far – however this is not new to the crypto space; we can still see it today with ios and windows/android (sorry, Japan got my language all messed up – but I think you know what I mean)… hopefully in time though those that survive will all be of the highest caliber of tech, and although some great tech projects may in fact die and some that might not have top notch tech may not, I think that EOS with its community and tech will remain in the running till the end 😉

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