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  • The Trybe Economy – Is More Less?

    History has a common thread when it comes to currencies and the state. It never ends well.
    A Slippery Slope
    Whenever any state has had the ability to control currency content and/or supply, they do so to the state’s advantage and…

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    • If it is necessary to stop people from withdrawing too early, then they are earning too much. Why tell people they can’t have their earnings? That’s anti-crypto in every sense of the idea. Linking withdrawal limit to rank is similar – you’re telling people what they can or can not do with their money: “Here, you have $1000 in the bank, but we’ll only let you access $100 of it”. Who would want that kind of money? I wouldn’t, I would find something truly free and more user-friendly.

    • I suggest words instead of posts. It’s easy to spam out a series of posts that meet the minimum number of words, it’s a lot harder to cheat a system based on word count.

    • Excellent post, Joe :), totally agree, the price of currency is the vital factor for a successful platform, the user base will grow if they see that the rewards they receive are worth it in the market, trybe is a great platform that just needs to generate demand.

  • “…what is your fascination with EOS…”

    We all have our places we go to discuss business, investment and trading ideas. Sometimes we’re part of the crowd. Sometimes we stand out. It’s hard to know exactly where we are unless we’re clearly in one group or…

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    • nice perspective on this (young) history, thanks

    • BTC, ETH, EOS -third time lucky (again, again?) Thanks for sharing your trip through crypto to date @anotherjoe. I agree with your assessment of EOS as it stands and also that it is unlikely to provide the same level of gains as Ethereum while remaining an excellent long-term hold. It’s also entirely possible something new will come along and unseat it. However, I would note that the funds at’s disposal are a major support – allowing setbacks to be overcome and competitors to be outbid.

    • Nicely done Another Joe. Although I knew quite a bit of this already, I really like the way you told it. And, EOSio diversification, man I’m loving it – both the term and the practice. I was a bit too late for the Ethereum explosion (or too early depending upon perspective lol), but I’m really glad I found my way into EOS. Like you said, so many good things about this project and the community is really for the most part positive – which in recent times is a nice place to be considering the market sentiment and negativity of other places. Thanks for the share mate. Quite enjoyed this piece you put together here 😉

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m an EOS lover and and it and its sub coins (like TRYBE) are by far my biggest holdings in the crypto space. That being said, there is a built in limit to the amount that the price of EOS can go up,,,, the more the price goes up the more expensive it is for Dapps to exist on the chain. For this reason, I think the popularized goal of EOS hitting $100 is highly unlikely. However, many of its Dapp sub-coins may do exceeding well if their projects are managed and marketed correctly (EDNA, PRSL(seed), TRYBE, etc.)

      (NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE – but I think EOS will be stuck below the $25 for its existence – barring the value of the $ going to nothing – LOL)

      • Thanks. You might be right Can you expand on “the more the price goes up the more expensive it is for Dapps to exist on the chain.”?
        I think sentiment will force EOS to get close to 100 on the next wave. That could put it in the number two marketcap space. We’ll see. As you noted, there are a lot of reasons for holding EOS.

        • Well it was an issue in the beginning, so much so that TeLOS has put in a mechanism for FREE accounts,,,,, I think it got to about $20 to open an EOS account in the beginning (for RAM etc.),,,,, if the price were to go to $100 per coin, opening an EOS account might become impossible for the poorer 3/4 of the world, which does not help the EOS environment……. There is certainly more that I’m not considering,,, I only know so much.

          • maybe I didn’t explain that well,,,, EOS tokens represent Network Resources,,, the more expensive the token,,, the more expensive it is to get the resources one needs to run their Dapp. For this reason some Dapps (like EDNA) are going to migrate to TeLOS……..

  • Joogsie: I Thought She Was Gone – More Grace

    There are times in life when you are resigned to a probable, or even inevitable, outcome. But sometimes the seemingly imminent is postponed. Sometimes Providence smiles on you in the midst of apparent heartbreak, offering grace.
    Are you leaving me,…

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