How to create content on TRYBE:

Creating content on Trybe is as easy as creating a blog post.

Once you’ve logged in, just click the “Create Content” in the menu on the left (on any page except the homepage).

There are a number of options:

  • Choose some categories
  • Choose a featured image
  • Choose whether or not it’s free or paid
  • Choose the level, content type, region etc. if applicable
  • Choose whether or not it’s a stand alone piece or part of a series

That’s it. Just click publish and your content will be immediately published

Creating Paid Content:

Creating paid content on Trybe is also very easy.

First, create a product under your Vendor Dashboard (in the menu on the left)

Choose a name, a description, a price, and the image.

Once you’ve created a product, you can now add that product to the “Content Restriction” settings on any of your posts. 

This will associate the product with the post – meaning that someone must purchase that product before being able to view the post.

That’s it!

Creating Private Groups:

If you would like to offer your customers not just paid content but a private forum for discussion, then create yourself a private group.

All private groups provide not just a message feed, but also a forum where users can post new discussion topics and where you (or other users) can reply to them.

This is a great way to keep your customers engaged. It’s also a great way to keep them updated when you post new content – as all group members can choose their email notification settings for that group (instant, daily, weekly).

To create a new group, just click groups > create a group in the left menu (on any page except the homepage).

When a customer purchases one of your products, send them an invitation to join your group.