Trybe Rules

Please read as if you don’t follow the rules you may risk having your account suspended.

1. Creating Content Rules

2. Image Usage Rules

3. Rating Content and Commenting Rules

1. Creating Content Rules.

We want as many people as possible to create great content on Trybe, but to make this happen in a way that benefits everyone (both writers and readers) we need you to follow a few rules before writing a post.

1. At the moment Trybe is focussed on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, content creation, and technology in general. Please make sure your posts fit into these categories.

2. Content should be well written, carefully edited, and 100% your own content. Do not copy content that is not yours or it will be deleted and you may be banned from the site.

3. If the content is not in English, please mark the language it is in using the categories.

4. Please add at least 2 categories to each post. You can do this by clicking the small notepad icon next to the preview button. Please don’t add more than 5 categories to each post (see image below).

5. Please add a Feature Image to each post (in the same dropdown menu as the categories – see below).

6. You may post referral links or affiliate links or links to your own website, but only if you write a good, educational piece about the product or service you are promoting, otherwise it will be considered SPAM and deleted.

2. Image Rules

1. Please only use images that you have permission to use. Sites like PIXABAY, UNSPLASH, and PEXELS have great free stock images. You are legally responsible for the images that you use, and Trybe accepts no responsiblity for any lawsuits resulting from copyright breaches.

2. Although this is not a rule, we love it if you use our photo editor to add text to your images – especially your feature image. This makes your posts much better for sharing on other social media sites, and will get you a higher token reward for your posts. Watch the video below to see how to do this (the link to the video editor is now in the top menu, not the side menu or you can access it HERE).

2. Rating Content and Commenting Rules

1. Do not only rate content of your friends. If you only rate content of your friends, then you (and your friend) may be suspended. You can only rate another person’s content once every 3 days anyway.

2. Your rating should be based on the quality of the article, not on whether you agree or not. If you don’t agree, you can put your opinion in the comments.

3. Please think carefully before rating. If you give someone a rating of 1 or 2 then they lose tokens. If you just don’t like something, but you can see that it has value, then please rate it a 3, which has no effect on the token balance.

4. Be respectful in all of your comments or you may be blocked from the site.