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Token Pocket


TokenPocket is a mobile wallet for EOS, as well as being a portal to a whole range of EOS dapps and tools, including games, exchanges, and many others. 

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Detailed Review:

TokenPocket is one of the best mobile apps for your EOS account. You can load unlimited numbers of accounts into it, or create a new one to use just with TokenPocket. 

Creating EOS accounts with TokenPocket is super easy, and you have a number of different options to do this. 

Apart from acting as a wallet, TokenPocket is like a Dapp store for EOS. It includes a wide range of different EOS dapps, with links to all of them. 

And even better than that – it also uses Scatter authentication so that if you access a dapp through Tokenpocket, you will already be logged in using the same account you use with TokenPocket itself. 

This makes it super easy to switch between one dapp and another, as you don’t need to login to each of them separately! 

On top of all this, TokenPocket also has an airgrab dapp, which allows you to easily airgrab different tokens that are available, as well as a range of other great features such as a RAM management portal and a list of different crypto market prices. 

All in all, TokenPocket is definitely worth adding to your arsenal of EOS tools 🙂 


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