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FINDEX is one of the rare, genuinely decentralized exchanges on the EOS blockchain. No KYC (know your customer) process or user registration is required.

All transactions are managed within a smart contract and stored on-chain, allowing maximum transaction security. Therefore, deposits or withdrawals are unnecessary on FINDEX. The achieved speed offers allow fast and seamless trading.

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Detailed Review:

FINDEX is one of the newest EOS blockchain decentralized exchanges. Trading pairs show some strength and will be extended within a short time frame. The trading volume is lower than other exchanges, though DICE is traded heavily due to the integration into the BetDice Website. Liquidity for the other trading pairs is improving over time but still very low.

FINDEX only allows limit order trading. Deposits and withdrawals are not required as trading happens directly from your account. It can be considered as a real DEX which is based on a smart contract working on-chain. The trading speed offers significant advantages to arbitrage traders.

The functionality includes state of the art charts and signals (TradingView) but no order book. Various convenience features and integrated search and filter options are also missing as of today.

A support team is available via Telegram; there is no integrated support system on the exchange. On Telegram response times are fast.

Trading with FINDEX is quick and comfortable, a good alternative within the overall exchange ecosystem.