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Challenge DAPP


“We believe companies will jump at the opportunity to market to world’s first, and perhaps the most sophisticated Blockchain generated list of active gym goers and players concerned about their fitness.”


Detailed Review:

The majority of technology hasn’t particularly helped people get fit. In general this sector has lead to the decrease of physical activity. Many illnesses are rising due to negative environmental and lifestyle factors that affect nearly everyone. Challenge Dac is introducing a dapp that will target mass adoption and getting people to exercise more for their health, well being, and tokenized incentives. This crypto startup will enable users to be rewarded for fitness related challenges. These challenges can be placed by anyone including friends, family, coworkers, advertisers and companies. Businesses and others will be able to easily create time and geolocation sensitive smart contracts in the form of challenges. These can contain crypto payouts, promotions, discounts, giveaways, and other innovative rewards. Small fees will be collected to upload crypto and token holders will vote how to use them.


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