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Chaince EOS Exchange


CHAINCE is a centralized blockchain asset trading platform focusing on EOS. As for all centralized exchanges, a registration and KYC verification are required for trading.

CHAINCE has issued the CET token which is listed on various other exchanges A variety of airdrops and incentives are provided for holding CET on the exchange.

A deposit of funds is required for trading as all transactions are executed inside the exchange which ensures quick transactions. Withdrawals are required to remove the funds to the account.

CHAINCE offers a limited portfolio of trading pairs with high trading volume and excellent liquidity. It is also possible to trade ETH, BTC, and USDT.

The exchange supports common browsers as well as a native app.

User interface
Value for Money
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Detailed Review:

The trading volume of this centralized exchange is high, the liquidity for most of the trading pairs is excellent though the number of trading pairs is limited. A clear advantage to other EOS Blockchain exchanges is the opportunity to trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, and USDT directly.

CHAINCE allows limit orders with instant trading, due to the requirements of deposits and withdrawals, the usability suffers for traders. The risk for arbitrage transactions is higher due to required transaction times. While inbound transactions are confirmed within one block, outbound transactions/withdrawals are almost instant.

The trading interface includes state of the art charts and signals (Tradingview), personal and public order book and various convenience. The integrated search and filter options are basic but allow easy trading.

The Telegram group is very active; requests are managed quickly there. The same applies to the integrated exchange support which responded quickly.

The integrated of “Wool-Hat,” the CHAINCE bonus program offers continuous promotions, such as trading competitions and airdrops. For many of these promotions, it is required to hold CET tokens on the exchange.

CHAINCE is a perfect alternative within the overall exchange ecosystem for those that like traditional, centralized exchanges.


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