Connecting Trybe to EOS

How to Connect your Account to your EOS Account!

If you’ve recently joined, then you may be a little confused about how to connect your Trybe account to your EOS account. In this brief tutorial, I’m going to teach you how.

Why do you need an EOS account? The TRYBE token is built on the EOSIO blockchain, and therefore requires an EOS account in which to store it. Once you have your TRYBE tokens in your EOS account, you will be able to send them or exchange them. 

The first thing you will need to do is get yourself an EOS account and make sure that you have Scatter set up. In order to do this, please check out our EOS BASICS TUTORIAL. 

OK – are you ready? Do you have both an EOS account and have attached it to Scatter? Great!

The first thing you need to do is to input your EOS account into your profile. To do this hover over your profile pic in the top right corner (or click on mobile) and then go to Profile > Edit. 

Once you do that, you should be taken to your profile page which looks like this:

Now, click the Login with Scatter button and the Scatter popup should appear. 

Click on Login.

Then from there choose the account that you would like to use for If you only have one account, then use that one. 

Now click on Save Account and it should look like this: 

The next thing you will want to do is to visit our wallet. Click on wallet in the top menu: 

You should then be taken to our Wallet page and again Scatter should pop up. If for some reason it doesn’t, click “Refresh Data”, and if for some at any time the balances are not displaying, try clicking that button 🙂 

Choose the same EOS account that you chose last time:

As you can see, I am now logged in and my balance is showing up in my “off-chain balance”:

My presale balance there, as you can see, is 575 tokens but if I want to buy more then I just enter in the amount I want to buy in EOS and click “Buy Trybe”. If I’ve got an EOS balance (see bottom right corner of the image) then I will be able to purchase. 

If it doesn’t go through for some reason (ie. you get an Internal Service Error) then you may need to stake more EOS for CPU.

You can check how much CPU you have in the box in the bottom right:

In this case, you’ll see my CPU is full, which is great!

But if you don’t have much left and your transactions are failing, you will need to stake more.

Go to and then attach your account via Scatter:

Then go down to Manage Account > Manage Stake

Fill in the Delegate box as below.

Add at least 10 EOS to your CPU stake and 5 EOS to your Net stake. 

Click Delegate and confirm via Scatter. 

Once that has been confirmed, you should be able to purchase more TRYBE from our presale 🙂

You are now ready to go! Your EOS account is now fully connected to your account and you will be eligible for any airdrops. 

When the functionality is available (very soon) you will also be able to transfer tokens from your site balance (off-chain) to your liquid TRYBE balance as well.  

Please contact us with any questions.