How to Earn Tokens on Trybe

How Trybe Works


Trybe is a place to share your knowledge, connect with other people who have the same interests as you, and earn tokens at the same time! 

Creating Articles

If you are going to create an article, it must be educational or informative and of value to the Trybe community. See our already published articles as a guide as to the type of articles we accept.

Making Friends

The best way to make friends on Trybe is to read, rate, and comment on other people’s articles. If you find someone you like, follow them or send them a friend request.

Social Feed and Messaging

Once you are following people, their posts will appear in your social feed.

Once you are friends with someone, you will be able to chat to them via our messaging system.

No Cheating!

Do not SPAM, create more than one account, or try to cheat the system or your account may be suspended. 

How to Earn Tokens on Trybe

Join Our Site: 100

Just for joining, we will give you 100 bonus TRYBE tokens! 

Verify your profile: 100

Earn 100 bonus tokens when you verify your profile with your mobile number!

Verify Now

Visit our site daily: 1

Each day you visit our site, you will get 1 bonus token. 

Invite friends to join: 100

For each friend you invite using your referral link then you will earn 100 tokens!

To get your referral link, please verify your profile.

Please note: your friend must also verify their profile before this will be awarded. 

Make new friends – Unlimited!

By making new friends, you’ll also get more ratings!

Don’t SPAM people though – just write thoughtful comments on their posts and hopefully they’ll start following you! 

Create great content – Unlimited!

You will earn TRYBE tokens when your posts receive good ratings on your well written content.

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