Welcome to the Trybe Team:


Tom Norwood – Founder

 Tom Norwood has over 15 years experience in entrepreneurship, running his own digital marketing agencies, online schools, and web development teams.


Matt Haynes – COO

Matt’s career has spanned everything from health and safety on oil rigs to running a successful online personal training business. His interest in cryptocurrencies started years ago and he has been a strong member of the EOS community since before it launched.

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Eric East – Lead Developer

Eric is a frontend developer with 8 years experience who specializes in WordPress, PHP and Javascript. Loves EOS and Blockchain Technology.


Nick Cappello – Network Engineer

Nick Cappello is a network engineer with over 25 years experience. He has designed numerous networks and websites but his strength lies within the server side of the game. While a relative newcomer to the crypto game, he is excited to learn more about EOS and the way it will either integrate with or surpass the Bitcoin legacy.


Dan Schlueter  – EOS Developer

Founder of Creative Binary Solutions. Software architect with an emphasis on integrating blockchain technology. Former Software Engineer at Financial Force, National Association of Securities Dealers and Arbitron (now Nielsen).


Nathan Rempel – EOS advisor

Nathan is an experienced developer, having started coding from a very young age. He is well-known in the EOS community as the lead developer of the EOStoolkit.io, as well as being one of the founding members of Genereos – a Block Producer candidate.

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Timur Samoylov – Full Stack Developer

Timur is the frontend dev responsible for our new web app! 

He has over 7 years experience as a full stack developer and lives in Minsk, Belarus. 

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Pavel Belyakov – Full Stack Developer

Pavel is the backend dev responsible for our new web app and has over 6 years experience as a full stack and blockchain developer.

He also likes playing rock music in his spare time! 


Olga – Backend Developer

Olga has been in IT for about 7 years.

She started her career as a QA engineer, then managed a web development team, during which time she learned different web technologies like css, js, and php. She now lives in Russia and keeps the Trybe backend ticking away smoothly. 

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Oleksii – UI/UX Designer

9 years of experience in design.

He is experienced in app design (IOS and Android), web design, user research, MVP, usability testing, information architecture, interaction design, wireframing, and prototyping.


Martin Cooper – Community Support

Martin has over ten years of Management and Marketing experience in the food an beverage industry which he left to become a full-time Dad and Crypto enthusiast. He received his MCP and started Crypto mining in 2014 and started as a fulltime Crypto trader early 2017.

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Mike Cowper – Community Support

Mike leads our newsroom here at Trybe, keeping all our editors in check. He believes the power of a decentralized movement can change the world. One token at a time. When he’s not working on Trybe he can be found scaling high cliffs!

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Johan – Tech Support

I’m a web & game developer turned crypto enthusiast, after 8 years in the same job and not moving forward in life I left my office job as a web developer in 2016 to pursue my dream of making something out of my life, fast forward a couple years and I’m happier than ever before and exited about the future!


Luke Phoenix – Content Creation 

Luke Phoenix is a content creator with 5 years writing experience. 

He also looks after the Trybe Medium publication as well as helping out on the editing desk. 

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Jimmy D – Content Editor

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, and blockchain enthusiast. Believes that decentralization is just what the modern world needs in terms of taking what we are and all that we have the potential to become collectively and in so many ways to the next level.

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Dody – Community Support

I’m a Blockchain enthusiast who is excited to help bring EOS and Trybe to the Indonesian community!  

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